Since coming to China is a unique experience, Unboxing is no different.  We think that “oh just pack everything and unpack 3 months later”, but little do we realize that the storage is in a metal container, under Singapore’s weather condition for the months while it was waiting to ship.  So guess what? When we unboxed we learnt new things.

1.  Don’t bother packing plastics.  Why – because under hot oven conditions, plastic deteriorates.  Most of our plastic stuff either turned  yellow, or degenerated.  Our IKEA stools came covered with visible “death” signs, cracking when we tried stepping on them.  

2. Don’t trust packers to pack the beloved stuff.  To be fair I have to say this is limited to AGS only since I only used them.  My bento box stuff was higgledly piggledly thrown in. The decorative leaves burst out of their boxes and was everywhere.  They weren’t properly wrapped.  Same for my precious scrapbook papers and creations. 

3. Be prepared that unpacking is a serious nightmare because your space and layout is not the same as your former place, and the unpackers will not know which goes on what shelves so either everything heaped on the floor or stuffed randomly.

4.  If like us, the place is fully empty, then be prepared to buy furniture or storage.  I thought about it carefully. I still prefer unfurnished, as you have space to maneuver your things and add furniture. Fully furnished meant that you live with what you have. 

 In Beijing, unfurnished houses come fitted with standard fittings, much like our condominiums.  Hence, wardrobe is prebuilt and not customized.  Wardrobe is a bit of a nightmare if the house has never been stayed in by the owner, as they usually have no drawers compartment or place for folded clothes! A quick search online will show you that Taobao carries plastic drawer boxes to be placed inside wardrobes.  Not very ideal if you ask me.  Coming from a place where practically everyday is summer, the wardrobe space here is about a quarter capacity versus the clothes we own – just right when you equate your one forever summer wardrobe split into four seasons use. No wonder Kon Marie became famous – precious wardrobe space! 

5. Finally, bring everything.  If you weren’t sure whether to bring that pot or pan, just bring along. Better to have it here when you need and be able to discard when you don’t. Packing is sentimental and unpacking isn’t. So you’ll find out very quickly whether you still really want the item after all.  When I unpacked, some “I am not sure” turned out to be life savers while some “this is important” turned out to be dead space items once unpacked. 

One last bit of advice.  Be prepared that unpacking is going to take time. A lot of it. No matter how the weather is like, it is tiring and exhausting. So equip yourself with water and keep it up! 


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