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Kaya Toast and Eggs

We went on a trip around to hunt for Toast Box, and found one under Shin Kong Plaza.  Shin Kong Plaza’s building name is written as 北京SKP.  It’s not related to the SKP in Singapore, the plastic goods chain shops.  You’ll see Louis Vuitton, Gucci and the likes on the street level floor, and the subway train is connected at the basement level.  Just at the SKP basement walkway to the subway station, you’ll find Toast Box quietly tucked there. There, you’ll find Chicken Rice, Laksa, Curry Chicken, curry puffs.  I recommend the Laksa and Curry 鸡。 The chicken rice and curry puff are for those who miss it very much. They do sell kaya toast, but sadly not the Kaya itself.  For those who really miss having that kaya toast experience, here’s a 10 minutes recipe by Kitchen Tigress. For toast, the best match is a sweet loaf sold under the Carrefour house brand here, at 6.70Y.  It has “humps” like the camel and is a dry sweet toast type, exactly like the texture of the white bread we have back in Singapore.  After a light toasting, you can even slice a single slice into two!

One of the experience I had in boiling eggs was – the difference in the weather and temperature resulted in crazy results that did not match what we know.  So here’s what I managed to get for room temperature eggs. 

1. Put into water and bring to a boil
2. From the time it starts boiling, off the fire and cover the pot.
3. 5 minutes for soft boiled, 6 for 3/4 boiled, 7 minutes for hard boiled.

Toast box branches for those cravings!

We also went to hunt for the famous Lau Pa Sat but they have moved! They’re going to 三里屯SOHO, 3rd block first level facing the centre of the SOHO cluster.  Since it was still renovating when we went, we went to the basement downstairs to eat at some random restaurant. Turned out to be a Guangzhou kind of restaurant which served good clay pot rice and some nice dishes! It’s called 小吾厨房。

The other day, we also discovered another Singapore-tastebud friendly place called Tang Gong 唐宫。 They serve dimsum, roast goose (If you love it like me!), and a number of familiar tasting dishes.  The roast goose is Singaporean standard, in that it was less fatty and more meat and skin.  Again, it is cantonese style food.

From our food adventures, I conclude that places we will feel at home will be

1. Japanese (they make good Jap here, but pricey)
2. Western (cafe culture is rife here)
3. Pizza  (rampant)
4. Cantonese (think dimsum, porridge, claypot rice etc)
5. Teochew  (this I was recommended, have yet to try but I don’t doubt it).
6.  Korean (there’s a strong KR community presence here).

Do not try the Indian food here.  I’ve visited one which had branches around Beijing, called Taj.  The na’an and the parantha can be used to play tug of war – chewy, a great disappointment and pricey to boot! The bryani was one of the most semi cooked awful stuff I had.  One piece of rubbery parantha for 15Y (divide by current rate of 4.7) is a killer.



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