It feels perpetually cold here.  When we see the temperature of 20 deg Celsius, we think,” oh so comfortable like aircon place”. In actual fact, 25 deg in airconed Singapore is more like 30.  25 deg in less sunny Beijing is like sitting in a fridge.

In Singapore we avoid going out because it’s too hot.  In Beijing, we try to go out because it’s too cold in the house and we are better off standing in the sun (and yes, standing in the shade is much colder!).  In Singapore, a hot bath is rather insane.  In Beijing, a hot bath is a necessity.  

Everyday,  I don three layers to get out of the house.  When it rains, it freezes!  Add the wind chill and I start wishing my winter wear is all available (of course it isn’t since it is in sea ship). Also, the air is so dry that the two nectarines I left out to ripen became wizened and wrinkled. So remember to mosturize and drink plenty of water.  I cannot under emphasize the need to drink plenty of water, because even though we don’t perspire, we lose moisture through the cold air and environment. 

Today, I am trying a new method of warming the house – by turning off all the aircon units instead of keeping it at 30 deg, low, on the thermostat (since it obviously did not work).

Update : the house is comfortably warmer in the morning.  Not warm like we know it in Singapore, but at least without the slight chill factor. 


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